Music Is For Everybody

" . . .  My goal is for each student to be able to join other musicians and confidently conduct a meaningful, musical conversation."

Available Lessons


SAXOPHONE   [beginner - advanced]

I believe that prospective saxophone students substantially benefit from clarinet study--prior to the saxophone--of at least one year.

CLARINET   [beginner - advanced intermediate]

FLUTE   [beginner - advanced intermediate]

DRUM SET   [beginner - intermediate]

PIANO   [beginner]


I use developmentally appropriate learning games to nurture your child's musical talent and to encourage perfect pitch. This skill is one I believe can be learned and is highly prized amongst musicians. The earlier in life this training begins, the better.

ENSEMBLES   [beginner - advanced]

Coaching is available for the following groups:

jazz big band / chamber jazz / saxophone ensemble / salsa and latin / rock, pop or funk / pit orchestra / horn section / community and stage bands

CLASSES    [beginner - advanced]

Much of the material I teach privately can easily be adapted to classroom teaching.

EVERYBODY ELSE   [beginner - advanced]

The foundational skills required for playing music well are nearly universal.