*  Recommended for college music school prep.

music theory fundamentals *


course content:  Study and learn the concepts and tools of Western tonal harmony. Uncover and explore the diverse history of our Western musical heritage. Topics include: learn to read and write music / basics of Western harmony / scales / chords / analysis / historical overview / modern 20th Century aesthetic



advanced jazz theory & improvising *


course content:  Jazz theory builds on theory fundamentals by introducing and exploring the unique theoretical approaches of jazz. Building blocks of personalized style and statement are considered, along with other techniques for improvising solos within the tradition. The student will be immersed in the music's culture, with special consideration given to the music's deep, varied and controversial historical and spiritual roots. Questions regarding history, race, culture, art, religion, etc. will invariably be discussed. The student will also be exposed to the contemporary, global domain of jazz and its diverse modern influences.