Mastering Your Musical Creativity

" . . .  Finding a creative voice is so much more important and vital than rote activity; learn to manipulate and manifest YOUR OWN musical imagination!"

I teach from my own diverse experiences as well as from the wisdom of my teachers, certain texts and the tradition. I help students establish proper artistic, mental and technical habits while encouraging each student’s unique voice through passion and heart. Rapport of trust and acceptance is paramount.

My style is a blend of un-orthodox, homespun and traditional techniques geared for learning, creating and having fun! To “play what you hear, and hear what you play” is the main goal. 

I emphasize musicianship and performance techniques relevant to all aspects of modern music-making. I invite the student to cultivate their whole person, ultimately freeing the creative muse for unlimited expression. I tailor digital tools into the course of study so that students are musically and artistically prepared for their computerized future. “Project-based learning” and “multi-spherical thinking” are fancy terms to describe this approach. An augmented facility of mind (i.e. peak mental performance) can be achieved more readily than ever; and tomorrow’s musicians need to be prepared.

I believe that each student is capable of participating in enjoyable and gratifying music-making. Conservative, old-school teaching methods--like the way I was taught--no longer serve students. I nurture students’ potential for musical self-expression and prepare them for a rapidly changing, computerized and globalized world. This is Music + Making. Let’s be makers of music!