Ear Training

" . . .  Play what you hear, and hear what you play. "


ear training complete


course content:  Ear training enables us to learn the linguistic content of the music we study. My ear training approach for students encompasses both relative and absolute pitch training exercises. I know that people of any age can learn relative pitch; and it adds greatly to the enjoyment and practice of making music. I conduct a very rigorous technique of musical drills that shows your ear the way to fluency.  I find the process enjoyable because it is managed, measured and straightforward. The steps are easy, and so they become fun! 

But I also believe that absolute (perfect) pitch is a mental facility that can be learned. The earlier in life this practice begins, the more likely it is the facility develops [see early childhood development ear training lessons, below]. A student of absolute pitch absolutely will gain an increased aural awareness, whether or not the student acquires the stated goal. Relative pitch and absolute pitch go best side-by-side, like salt and pepper. Therefore, I teach them simultaneously.



musical awareness for early childhood development


course content:  These music lessons provide a unique opportunity to cultivate in your child a naturally musical "ear" or "awareness" or "talent." At this stage of development, children easily grasp the nuance of what makes music special. And it is at this time that the mental facility of absolute (perfect) pitch is most encouraged to manifest.

Absolute pitch is a skill that I believe can be learned and is highly prized amongst musicians. The earlier in life this training begins, the better. I use developmentally appropriate learning games to encourage your child to develop this very fine ability. These exercises are based on traditional, old-school techniques for teaching the subtleties of music to children. These methods have been proved in practice but ignored by modern music education. I am dusting off this old knowledge and offering it to the public, again.

Interested parents are also encouraged to consider the early childhood development programs offered by my wife at the Language and Music Academy of New Jersey (multiculturalmindset.com). Our curricula are designed to compliment each other. Discounted rates are available.



ear training concepts for adults


course content:  Ear training development is best acquired at a young age. Unfortunately, adults who received inadequate ear training in childhood may find ear training more difficult. Don't give up! I offer a unique approach for adults who struggle with improving their ears. My exercises are based out of my own experiences. frustrations and adult-ear limitations. This process can become a very interesting journey of self-discovery as we open up new facilities of awareness.